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electrical, security, data installation, servicing and contracting

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PO Box 827, Christchurch, Christchurch

0800 My Sparky

Paul Mathieson


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Electralarm ltd, a long established reputable company, carries out all electrical, security and data installations, maintenance and contracting within the Christchurch and surrounding areas
Covers all domestic, commercial and industrial. Carries out contracts NZ wide. Projects include supermarket development in Australia, Mumbai (India) International Airport food court, retail outlets throughout NZ

Key Services: Domestic, Commercial, New home wiring, Home rewiring, Appliances/Ovens, Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Telecommunications, Data Cabling, Audio/Visual, Heat Pumps/Ventilation, Under-floor Heating, Hot Water Cylinders, Alarm Installation, Renewable Energy/Energy Savings, Swimming/Spa Pools, Home Automation, Switch/Meter Boards, Inspection/Testing, Electrical Certificates of Compliance


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